Choosing Pikachu as Your Starter

If you just started the game and you aren’t liking the starter Pokémon Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle then how about Pikachu instead?

In the handheld games your starter meant everything. It was your most important choice as to how you would play the game, build your team, and defeat the Elite 4. In Pokémon Go it is not as important by any means unless of course you want one of those starters to be your main fighter.


To catch Pikachu you must not choose one of the 3 starters it gives you instead, you must walk away from them. When you open the game the first time you must sign in and create your character then it will load the map around you. You will see the starters arrive immediately. You need to walk away from them far enough that they will reload in the area that you now occupy. That means that your outside white circle is far enough away from where you started so that they will respawn. I simply walked up the short road in my apartment complex to achieve this. It takes more than a few times for Pikachu to show among the starters. It took me 5 different tries before he showed up but it may differ depending on the person.

Once Pikachu shows among your starters you can then choose him and make him your first Pokémon!

It’s that simple!

Happy Hunting!




Written by: Autumn Hunt

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