Curve ball


  1.   When in the fighting screen, press and hold your Pokeball.
  2.   With your finger still pressed down, start making a circular motion around the Pokeball in the bottom left hand corner.
  3.   If you do it correctly, your Pokeball should start to spin while emitting sparkles.
  4.   Now for the tricky part: you’ll need to throw the ball in the opposite direction from the one it is spinning. Since you will be spinning it in the bottom left hand corner you will throw it to the center/top right of your phone. Practice with it and you’ll get it in no time! (My first few tries were either to low or to high but once you get it you’ll do it right every time!)
  5.   If your touch is on point, the spin of the ball should make it arc right onto the Pokemon you’re trying to capture.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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