Downtown Jensen Pokemon Map

jensen beach pokemon map

Welcome to Downtown Jensen Beach, this place has basically everything you could want and more. This place homes a good amount of psychic,fire and electric Pokemon along with everything else. This place will fill your Pokedex up with new Pokemon if your just starting. There is not much to say except this place is all around good and you can also hit up mulligans and get 2 POkestops every 5 mins while waiting for your food or drink order to arrive. The route that is placed on the map will take you 5 mins to complete in a car or 15 by foot and it will grant you about 1.45KM in distance. Don’t be scared to venture down church street, Publix or the trailer home area because a lot of times some fan favorites pop up in those areas. Combing these streets is really easy and the new tracker as of 8/09/2016 allows your to hunt things down very easy once you adventure Downtown a couple of times. If you didn’t get the Pokemon you were looking for or the one you wanted got away, at least you can walk to 1 of the 4 bars in this area and drown your sorrows away. Happy Hunting.

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