How to find more Pokemon


Not finding a lot of Pokémon? Go to a crowded place such as a park that others are playing at. The more cellular data transmitted the more Pokémon you are likely to catch and the rarer a Pokémon you will find. A great place on the Treasure Coast to hunt at is Indian River Park in Jensen Beach and not only will you catch loads of Pokémon but you’ll have plenty of Pokestops to restock your Pokeballs!

Use a lure at your local Pokestop to lure more Pokémon to you! Again the more people out there playing the more you will catch! Use an incense while at a lure also. It will pull more Pokémon in conjunction with the lure! If you are using an incense use a lucky egg with it to increase the XP gained off the Pokémon caught. Both last for 30 minutes and the more you move the more Pokémon spawn for you!

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