IRP Farming Route

indian river park irp pokemon

Indian River Park, where the boys become men. This is def a step up from what you probably have encountered in the Treasure Coast area. This place is just like Jensen, only it spawns more frequently. This place spawns a heavy mixture of Water and Fire with touch of Electric. Over all it spawns basically everything much like Jensen does. This place is great for the family and friends to enjoy the beach slash park. Don’t be scared to venture onto the pier, its usually got something good at the end. The main area is the triple Pokestop between the museum and the pier and next to the museum. This is where a majority of activity takes place and you’ll meet up with friends. You can go along the coast north and make your way up a hill with two Pokestops on top and make your way back down to the pier and triple stop. This is the most common way of farming the area and is highly suggested. If you come by in the day make sure to bring your kids and have them enjoy the water fountains next to the museum. Happy Hunting and please clean up after your self or others if you can, this park gets dirty fast from the high traffic of trainers.

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