Pokemon Go trading in Source code

This code being in the source code means that the features are being implemented but just not have been made live yet.

pokemon go trading and leaderboards

A Redditor has picked apart the source code to find out this information.

Some Key things we should be looking at

  • Add_fort_modifier <- you can’t add anything to gyms except Pokémon, this is very interesting to me. Perhaps a legendary is in a fort and your team has to take it down? Idk, but be on the lookout for this.
  • Fort_deploy_pokemon <- this suggests that forts will let you place Pokémon, just like with gyms.
  • Fort_recall_pokemon <- this is interesting to me. You can’t manually bring Pokémon in gyms back to you, but this seems to suggest that with forts, you can.
  • Start_gym_battle <- this is gym battling, mentioned specifically as gym. Not a fort.. interesting.
  • Also, trading seems to be in the game, there’s just no way to actually activate it right now:
  • Trade_search <- you can search for people looking to trade?
  • Trade_offer <- offer a trade to someone that wants to trade?
  • Trade_response <- when you offer a trade, they respond with whether or not they will go through with it?
  • Trade_result <- after an interaction, what happens, who gets what.

Original Reddit Post:

I posted this in r/pokemongo but figured this sub would enjoy it as well, please let me know if you have any theories as to what these could be
I was looking through the code and found some stuff I haven’t seen many people talk about, several items, I will tell you what I think each is Item_incense_spicy Item_incense_cool Item_incense_floral activity_catch_pokemon activity_catch_legend_pokemon You see in the code mention of a fort, I thought initially that this was simply referring to gyms, but then you also see gyms mentioned, examples:
Add_fort_modifier Fort_deploy_pokemon Fort_recall_pokemon Start_gym_battle Also, trading seems to be in the game, there’s just no way to actually activate it right now:
Trade_search Trade_offer Trade_response Trade_result By the way, does anyone know what “sfida” stands for? Because it’s mentioned, and in Italian it means challenge, could there be a challenging system where you challenge another player? Or am I going to deep.
Let’s look at something else- it seems that there are (obviously) numerous factors that play in to whether or not you capture something. They are labeled as items, so maybe there are items that will increase these chances. Those berrys that aren’t out yet could correspond
Item_effect_cap_chance_night Item_effect_cap_chance_trainer Item_effect_cap_chance_first_throw There’s another thing, I have no idea what it could be
Item_troy_disk What could this be?
please disregard all the random italics theyre underscores
EDIT It seems that forts are gyms and pokestops, so that’s that! Thanks all, i hope we can continue to find more! EDIT ON BUDDY POKEMON I was looking some more and it seems to me that buddy Pokémon are the Pokémon that you have in a gym, I could be wrong though.

Another code found in the source code, are lures that are made for certain types of Pokemon such as “Cool Lure” which may be used to lure Water-Type Pokemon or Ice-Type. There’s also a Spice Lure for Fire Pokemon, however we are unsure if these are the actual types they’re for as I’m just brain storming.

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