So When Can We Battle & Trade with Our Friends?


Initially, Pokemon GO was a hot mess. We loved her, we spent all of our time on her, but sometimes she straight up let us down.

Remember when this was an every day let down?


Nowadays, she’s mostly got her act together. We’re going steady, but I’m feeling like I’m ready to bring this to the next level. Let’s start talking Player vs Player battles and trades!

I’ve done a little scoping and it seems like these features might not be too far off in the future! This article by nicely outlines the dates and describes the development process.

Here are the highlights from the article:

•Pokemon Go Trading releases in October 2016
•Pokemon Go Trainer Battles releases in December 2016/January 2017
• Pokemon Go GEN II releases May 2017

If you are interested in specifics, check out the full article below.

Full Article Link Click Here: GO Trading, Trainer Battles and Gen II Release Dates

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